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Hi. I'm net-tech-

I'm a Discord bot developer. I code in Javascript and Typescript and dabble in Discord anti-phishing tools.

Hello, Stalker?

If you are seeing this page it means you have gone to https://s.nettech.dev/ without providing a URL Slug, you probably did this after I sent an actual short URL.I don't know what you were hoping to find but if you are wondering which service I use for this it's short.io

Thank you for your purchase!

You just helped a Small Developer from a Small Country not completely regret his decision to become a programmer. Seriously though, I pay and host lots of different things for lots of my servers on Discord so this goes a huge way in helping out.

Official Discord Accounts

A list of my official Discord accounts can be found here and can be used to verify if the Discord account you are looking at is real.Always check the account ID to see if it matches the ID listed here. Do not only look at if the tag matches.

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